This Remembrance Day, Waterloo Care Home honoured those who served with a series of heartfelt activities. In a show of solidarity and remembrance, every member of staff and resident donned poppies, a symbol of hope and reflection. The home was beautifully decorated with evocative window stickers, displaying messages like “Lest We Forget,” and images of soldiers, poppies, and planes with parachuting servicemen, creating an atmosphere of contemplation and respect throughout the home.

A poignant moment was the collective observance of the two-minute silence. Staff members paused their daily tasks to join residents in the lounges, sharing in a moment of solemn remembrance for the fallen and those who bravely served in the armed forces.

The day also featured a 1940s-themed singalong, embracing the era’s music and its significance. Such events at Waterloo Care Home not only pay tribute to historical moments but also serve as gentle reminders of the varied and profound ways in which these commemorations touch the lives of those living with dementia, each with their own unique experiences and memories.