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Waterloo is fully equipped with everything a resident might need and more.

Moving in with us means residents can focus on enjoying life.


Dementia and age can strain families.

Our care enables families to focus on their relationships.


Our staff are professional when they need to be, but always friendly.

Residents of our homes will always be met with a smile.



Waterloo is located in a beautiful area of Bidford, Alcester.

Residents enjoy a green and quiet place to live.

Food and Activities at Waterloo Care Home

What food is on offer at Waterloo Care Home?

Anything you want. We will consider all requests and make sure our residents are eating the food that they want to eat when they want to eat it. For our residents living with dementia, we adapt to individual needs. Staff are trained to recognize and respond to  nutritional requirements

  • Food is available 24 hours a day.  We do have schedules for the main meals, but flexibility is key with each resident.
  • Specialist crockery and cutlery is available to maintain independence
  • Fortified food and fluids
  • Access to a dietician and other professionals

Gaining Weight

In the months and years leading up to the move, many of our residents have experienced weight loss as a result of their changing bodies and general illnesses. We pay particular attention to this and find that these residents regain the weight – a very healthy and comforting sign.

What activities are put on for residents at Waterloo Care Home?

Tamsin is our main activities co-ordinator and she has a team who work alongside her to ensure the residents have plenty to do.

We try and make sure that residents are entertained and are free to seek their own entertainment where they can. Some common activities are:

  • Reading. If you like reading we have a large library of books at the home and also the opportunity to visit the local library
  • Birthday teas and cake.
  • Musical performers regularly visit the home.
  • Themed parties take place, and residents are free to engage as much as they wish.
  • Bingo afternoons
  • Dancing with staff and other residents
  • Aromatherapy massage from the girls from Sacred Life in Bidford village
  • Arts, Crafts and Cooking are all popular activities.

We know that the provision of excellent food and activities at Waterloo care home is vital for our residents’ well being.