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Waterloo is fully equipped with everything a resident might need and more.

Moving in with us means residents can focus on enjoying life.


Dementia and age can strain families.

Our care enables families to focus on their relationships.


Our staff are professional when they need to be, but always friendly.

Residents of our homes will always be met with a smile.



Waterloo is located in a beautiful area of Bidford, Alcester.

Residents enjoy a green and quiet place to live.

A Guide to Choosing a Residential Care Home

We are the first to admit that moving into a care home is not something people will look forward to. That’s why we do our best to help them settle in. But first, the family needs to know that the care home they are choosing is a good fit for their loved one.

We have produced a condensed version of the checklist from the Alzheimer’s Society for your benefit, you can get it by clicking the button at the bottom of the page..


Consider the following when choosing between homes:

The Staff
– Are the staff attentive and welcoming?
– Are you allowed to visit unannounced?
– Do the residents appear happy – are they talkative?

The Building
– Is there anything about the appearance, atmosphere, cleanliness or furnish of the home that makes you question its upkeep?
– Are there adequate transport links and is the road noisy?
– Is the building secure, so residents can’t put themselves in danger?
– Are toilets readily accessible?

The Day
– Do residents have access to their own entertainment, and the ability to be alone?
– Are residents supported throughout the day with activities?
– Can residents choose how often they wash?
– Can you see a current menu for all meals, and do they take into account your loved one’s dietary requirements?
– Can a relative stay overnight?

The Future
– What processes are in place to maintain relevant care plans?
– Can the resident stay in the home towards the end of life, or will they need to move again?
– How does the care home communicate with families?


This is a judgement call that only the family can make. We hope providing this information helps you to make an informed decision.

We have tried to put all the relevant information about our care home on this website. We are happy to take your questions and offer advice on this important choice. Just get in touch!