Innovative Approaches for Feeding Dementia Residents at Waterloo Care

Innovative Approaches for Feeding Dementia Residents at Waterloo Care

Innovative Approaches for Feeding Dementia Residents at Waterloo Care

Waterloo Care Residence’s decision to partner with Apetito, a well know industry supplier, is rooted in the latter’s commitment to quality, nutrition, consistency, choice and the overall wellbeing of their residents.

Collaborative Approach to Healthier Meals: At Apetito, the creation of each meal is not just the work of a chef. It’s a collaborative effort involving enthusiastic chefs, in-house dietitians, nutritionists, and food scientists. This ensures that every dish is not only mouth-wateringly delicious but also packed with the right nutrients catering to a variety of dietary needs.

Upholding Nutritional Standards: Apetito takes pride in adhering to the highest nutritional benchmarks. Their in-house dietitians and registered nutritionists work diligently to ensure that every meal aligns with the standards set by the British Dietetic Association (BDA), the National Association of Care Catering, and the Hospital Foods Standards Panel.

Preserving Nutritional Integrity: Once a recipe is finalised, Apetito ensures that the same ingredients and proportions are consistently used. To maintain the nutritional value and flavour, meals are frozen within an hour of cooking. This method is superior to chilled food, which can begin to lose its nutritional essence during transit.

Commitment to Health: Apetito recognises the importance of eating for health. Every meal is designed to promote good health and wellbeing, devoid of unnecessary additives like monosodium glutamate.

Specialist Nutrition: Catering to diverse needs, Apetito has curated meals for specific dietary requirements and medical conditions. They offer protein-rich meals for those with smaller appetites and texture-modified meals for individuals with dysphagia.

Transparent Nutritional Information: Apetito believes in transparency. All ingredients and nutritional values are clearly listed in their product brochures and on their online system, Myapetito. This platform aids customers in planning menus and catering to individual diets.

Allergen Control: Understanding the challenges of food intolerances and allergies, Apetito has introduced an industry-leading ‘Free From’ range. This range is devoid of all 14 declarable allergens. Additionally, to ensure utmost safety, their production facilities are strictly nut-free. With the cooperation of their suppliers, they’ve successfully eliminated nut warnings from 99% of their meals.

Waterloo Care Food Serving Process: At Waterloo Care, we present our residents with two main meal options.  Both dishes are displayed, allowing residents to visually select their preferred meal, after which a freshly prepared plate of their choice is served to them.

Historically, we provided menus; however this approach was found to be difficult, as many residents struggled to recall their earlier selections, became confused and often changed their minds. If neither of the primary choices appeals to a resident, we have a variety of alternative options available, such as salads, omelettes, sandwiches, baked potatoes, or toast-based dishes. Supper also includes a warm main dish, with the alternatives available.

Additionally, we offer fortified snacks in the mornings and afternoons, especially beneficial for those who have experienced weight loss. We recognise that some residents may at times, become hesitant to consume liquids. To address this, we provide an assortment of hydrating alternatives, including jellies, ice creams, and ice lollies.

Residents’ food preferences are regularly discussed during resident meetings, and further dietary inclinations are explored with their families upon admission.

In conclusion, Waterloo Care Residence’s continued collaboration with Apetito is a testament to the latter’s unwavering dedication to excellence in food quality, nutrition, and overall resident wellbeing. Apetito’s holistic approach, which combines the expertise of chefs, dietitians, nutritionists, and food scientists, ensures that every meal is both delectable and nutritionally balanced.

Their stringent adherence to top-tier nutritional standards, commitment to preserving the integrity of each dish, and emphasis on health and specialist nutrition are commendable.

It is these attributes and more that make Apetito the ideal supplier of choice for Waterloo Care Residence, ensuring that residents receive meals that cater to their diverse needs while prioritising their health and wellbeing.