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Dementia and age can strain families.

Our care enables families to focus on their relationships.


Our staff are professional when they need to be, but always friendly.

Residents of our homes will always be met with a smile.



Waterloo is located in a beautiful area of Bidford, Alcester.

Residents enjoy a green and quiet place to live.

How to Choose a Residential Care Home?

How do I choose the right care home?

We advise visiting each home you are considering and having a trial period before committing. We recommend using this guide from the Alzeihmer’s Society.

This is so important and we want families – whether they choose us or not – to make informed decisions. So we have produced our own guide to choosing a care home, based on the experiences families have had coming to our care homes since 1991.

What happens when the money runs out?

We have never yet asked anyone to leave the home in this situation. If the money runs out, we will work with the family towards a solution.

What professional help is available at the home?

We aim to help residents remain in the home for life with the support of professional advisors, like a GP, District Nurses, MacMillan Nurses and a Community Psychiatric team.

What services do you provide?

Please see our services page.

What facilities do you have?

Please see our facilities page.

How do you help residents settle in?

Residents are welcome to bring fire-retardant furniture, personal mementoes, pictures and photographs to make their move feel that little bit less dramatic. We find this can help the settling in period.

We give potential residents a free stay for a night so that they can find out for themselves if the Home is for them. Feel free to contact us to arrange this.

What medical support is there at Waterloo care home?

At all our care homes, we ensure that our residents are monitored for any signs of physical and mental change. We can register each resident with a GP. We have a variety of healthcare professionals that visit. This includes the District Nurse, Macmillan Nurses, a Dietician, a Speech and Language Therapist, an optometrist, a chiropodist, dentists and an occupational therapist.

We can also arrange massage therapy and acupuncture at a cost.

Can I talk to someone about a problem at the home?

Please contact us as soon as possible. At Waterloo, we value the well-being of our residents above anything else. That’s why we are as transparent as possible. We encourage visitors to come at any time of the day, completely unannounced if they so wish. There is a complaints procedure and the manager welcomes feedback – both compliments and concerns.