About Waterloo

Waterloo Care Home are dementia specialists based in Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.

Waterloo Care Home is owned by Husband and Wife team Mark a doctor and Debra a nurse, both with extensive experience in elderly care. Waterloo Care home is run with the following core values and standards:


Residents at Waterloo Care Home have reached a stage in life where a higher level of care may be required and our staff are chosen for their combination of compassion and commitment.


A smile costs nothing and means everything. Our staff always go the extra mile to make the home a happy and inclusive place to live and work.


We will always remember that our residents have a whole lifetime of difference experiences and knowledge. Knowing and understanding an individual’s past plays a vital role in providing the best care possible. At Waterloo Care Home we treat each resident with utmost respect and dignity.


We are an organisation that stands on our honesty and our principles. Sincerity and fairness guide our staff in the care they deliver, ensuring that our residents get the best possible care.


It is vital that care homes are transparent, both in how they are run and how the residents live each day. We encourage family members to visit at any time of the day with our open door policy and to be part of the Waterloo Care Home family.


We recognise that even though we work in a home environment, we must remain professional. We are always there to serve the residents who have chosen us as their carers.

The Friends and Family Test

Used by the NHS to assess work environments, we have adopted this single-question test for our care homes. We ask ourselves simply ‘Would the care you have just given be acceptable for a friend or family member who needs similar care?’

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